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Delphi Flagbearers
Monument to Civil War Flagbearers
Delphi Indiana Courthouse

The ICWRT engages in Civil War preservation projects within Indiana and those outside that have a substantial Indiana connection.

Projects Include:
Battlefield Maintenance Work
Gettysburg NMP (Click link for details)
Grounds-keeping at the site of the monument to the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. (2002 - 2004)
Munfordville, Kentucky
Grounds-keeping at the future site of the Visitors Center. (2004)
Regimental Flag Replication
27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry: The ICWRT provided the funds for the Indiana War Memorial to produce a replication of the 27th's regimental flag:

27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regimental Flag


John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail
Dick Skidmore, a past-President of ICWRT, was instrumental in establishing the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail through southern Indiana. Click here for pix from a tour Dick led for the West Central Indiana Civil War Round Table.


Contribution to the Civil War Preservation Trust
In June,2005, at the Annual Banquet, the ICWRT presented the Civil War Preservation Trust with individual contributions from our membership totaling $1,570. As part of our battlefield preservation initiative for the year, the Round Table matched those donations dollar-for-dollar and added another $500, for a total contribution of $3,640.


ICWRT Preservation Fund
The source for the funds in the CD, the savings account, and most of the checking account, approximately $7,000, was the Regional Conferences and was earmarked for preservation initiatives. The $7,000 in assets are not to be used for operations but are earmarked for preservation initiatives.


Please forward your suggestions for preservation projects to: Preservation Committee

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