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October 8, 2001

Monday – 7:30 p.m. at the Indiana Historical Society

450 W. Ohio St.

(Parking in lot north of the Society off New York St. – Please enter via Northeast Door)

The 19th Michigan

Presented by Dr. William M. Anderson

Dr. Anderson’s presentation will be told from a soldiers perspective, based on his book “They Died to Make Men Free: History of the l9th Michigan Infantry.” This history of the 19th Michigan is the best documented regimental from the standpoint of primary source material.  When the second edition was completed, it included over 1,600 soldiers’ letters which had been located, the diaries in 161 letters written by Colonel Henry C. Gilbert, who organized and led the regiment until his death in May 1864, plus letters and diaries of two surgeons.

Dr. Anderson will highlight the regiment’s war experiences, including: Its hard-fought, five-hour engagement at Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, resulting in capture and imprisonment; the six-month sojourn through McMinnville, Tennessee, and its unique experience fighting guerrillas in a very unconventional war; the strained relations between soldiers and the commanding officer off the battlefield; and the Atlanta Campaign in which three successive commanders were casualties.

About the Speaker:  Dr. Anderson is a noted historian and educator who presently serves as the Director of the Department of History, Arts, and Libraries for the State of Michigan.  Although officially retired from a long and illustrious career in higher education, Bill “vacated” his retirement to help his state launch its new program in history and culture.  He has spent thirty-three years in Academe as an instructor, Division chair, Academic Dean, Vice President, and President.  For twenty-one of those years, he held presidencies at Illinois’s Carl Sandburg College and at West Shore Community College in Michigan.  A veteran of the 4th Armored Division, Bill has authored four books, two on the Civil War and two on baseball.  In addition, he has written sixteen articles, reviewed numerous books, and served his state as the President of the Michigan Historical Society and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Humanities Council.  He has been asked to write the forward to a book being published by Wayne State University Press on the letters of Surgeon John Bennett of the 19th Michigan.

Please be sure to bring a friend to hear our guest speaker.


All members and guests are invited to Shapiro’s Deli at 5:30 p.m. to enjoy dinner and fellowship prior to the meeting.



























































































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By Tony Trimble


1.        What regiment was commanded by Col. Wallace B. Colbert?  Where did he die?


2.     Name the Kentuckian who commanded an Illinois regiment and became the lst 

        governor of Colorado?


3.     What was the nickname of the brigade commanded by General Harry T. Hays?


4.     Name the horse ridden by Capt. Andrew Hickenlooper, whose performance made

        him famous at Shiloh.


5.     By what common name is the Billinghurst-Requa Gun generally known?       


Answers to Sept. Quiz:  1) Thomas O. Moore; Mexico & Cuba; 2)8 ton Dahlgren gun; Largest at Fort Donelson; 3) Hazen S. Pingree;            4) A zigzag trench connecting a series of parallels used to advance on an enemy fortification; 5) Henry K. Burgwyn, Jr., killed at Gettysburg



Coming Events

¨       Through October 12, 2001 – Artwork and china painting of First Lady Caroline Harrison is on display at the President Benjamin Harrison Home. Exhibit included in the home tour.

¨       Camp Morton Civil War Show – October 27 – Indiana State Fairgrounds – Sat. Hours:

9:00 a.m. – Admission:  $5.00 – Children under 12 free with adult

¨       21st Annual Midwest Civil War Round Table Conference hosted by the Chicago and Milwaukee

CWRT’s – April 19-21 at Lisle, Illinois, 20 miles west of Chicago.  More information at a later date.

¨       June 24-28 – ICWRT Trip – Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Nikki Schofield has tentative agenda.




Civil War Materials for Sale

            Nancy Niblack Baxter has discovered a “cache” of rare, mint quality copies of the “blue” first edition of Gallant Fourteenth: The Story of an Indiana Civil War Regiment.  These have never been sold.  She will sell autographed copies of these collector’s copies for $20 each, half going to the Indianapolis CWRT.  Order by phone from Guild Press, 317-733-4175.


Guild Press will release a DVD of Civil War records:  Army OR, Fox’s Regimental Losses, Dyer’s Compendium, Navy OR, Campaigns of the Civil War, The Confederate Generals Speak, Confederate Military History, Southern Historical Society Papers and, exclusively available in the US the new Medical and Surgical Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.  All in electronic format and fully searchable on ONE DISK.  Cost is $200, but call for special CWR discounts.


Guild Press’ next spring Civil War release was three years in the writing:  Injustice on Trial:  Second Bull Run, General Fitz John Porter’s Court Martial and the Schofield Board Investigation That Restored His Good Name by Curt Anders.  No comprehensive look at the Porter trial has been done since the fifties.  The very rare Schofield hearings from the l870’s had to be copied by hand by Anders from one of the few extant copies at West Point.



A Gettysburg Adventure With Our Grandson

By Joe and Dorothy Jones

In August we took our grandson, Ben, to Gettysburg.  Ben is 11 and has some interest in history, but not, of course, enough to prepare for the visit, other than reading a couple of magazine articles.  Joe and I have been to Gettysburg before.  We arrived late in an afternoon and showed Ben the cemetery and an overall view of the battlefield.  The next morning we were at the Visitor’s Center early, but not early enough to get a guide till 11:30.  So we went to the Cyclorama and the Electric Map. We looked at the museum in the Center for awhile where Ben was especially interested in the video showing how to load and fire a Napoleon.

About 11:00 our name came up for a guide.  For $35 a guide will drive your car and take you through all three days of the battle.  We asked our guide, Jack, to gear his talk to Ben, which he did very well.  Joe and I learned some new things also.  Jack was not able to settle the argument about the famous photograph of the Confederate sharpshooter in the Devil’s Den.  Nor what was done with all the dead horses.  We also learned that John Burns, private citizen, was actually shot 7 times on July 1st.  He joined the lst Corps, but was not in uniform.  When he was found wounded by the Confederates, he explained he was just going to get his wife, who was visiting a sick sister, and got in the way of the battle.  He was 78 years old.

Our tour was close to 3 hours long. After a quick lunch, Ben and Joe joined a ranger talk on the highwater mark of the battle.  I should mention the temperature was in the 90’s and this talk was really a 2 hour walk, mostly in the sun, and was a very detailed picture of the clash around the grove of trees.  Ben took it all in.  It was 5:00 when they finished.

We gave Ben the choice of an early dinner and a swim in the pool, or a quick drive around the battlefield and a ranger talk at the campfire.  We were surprised that he chose the campfire.  We did fit in a good dinner.  The ranger talk was on letters home from Union and Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg.  It was quite interesting.

The next morning we were to leave for Lancaster County, but Ben wanted to hear two more ranger talks on the Peach Orchard and Wheat Field and on Little Round Top.  Ben was much taken by Gen. Sickles losing his leg in the Wheat Field the second day. The fact that Sickles frequently visited his leg at the Medical Museum in Washington greatly tickled Ben. I think we have Ben hooked on the Civil War.




Civil War Education Association Calendar of Events

            The following tours will be offered through the CWEA for October and November:


Ø      Abraham Lincoln’s Washington: A Field Tour of the Anderson Cottage, Fort Stevens, Ford’s Theatre, Walter Reed Army Medical Center Museum, the Capitol, Old Senate Chamber, Library of Congress, Treasury Building, Washington Navy Yard and the Lincoln Memorial. October 11-13, Alexandria, VA with David E. Long (Thursday 8:00 p.m.-Saturday 9:00 p.m.)  $295-includes Friday & Saturday lunches and Saturday dinner.

Ø      Great Cities of the Civil War:  NEW ORLEANS, October 17-20, New Orleans, LA with Charles P. Roland, Dale K. Phillips and William de Marigny Hyland (Wednesday 7:30 p.m.-Saturday 8:30 p.m.) $395 – includes Wednesday PM reception, 3 lunches and Saturday dinner.

Ø      Gettysburg:  The Defense of Cemetery Ridge-A Walking Tour, October 26-27, Gettysburg, PA with Kent Masterson Brown (Friday 9:00 a.m.-Saturday 4:30 p.m.) $275 – includes Friday and Saturday lunch.

Ø      Richmond Then and Now: A Walking Tour of North Anna, Pamunkey River sites, Haw’s Shop and The western section of Downtown Richmond, Nov. 2-4, Richmond , VA with Robert E.L. Krick (Friday 8:00 p.m.-Sunday 12:00 N) $225 – includes Saturday lunch and dinner.

Ø      Stones River and the Tullahoma Campaign: A Field Tour, Nov. 8-10, Mufreesboro, TN with

William Glenn Robertson (Thursday 8:00 p.m.-Saturday 4:30 p.m.) $275 – includes Friday and Saturday lunches.

For more information phone: 800-298-1861 or e-mail: cwea@mnsinc.com or www.cwea.net





Campaign 2001-2002 Presenters & Speakers



September 10, 2001               Nikki Schofield                       The Confederate Secret

                                                                                                                                        Service in Canada


            October 8, 2001                       Bill Anderson              The 19th Michigan


            November 12, 2001                 David Fraley                            The Battle of Franklin, TN


            December 10, 2001                Dale Phillips                           Ben Butler and the Occupation

                                                                                                                of New Orleans


            January 14, 2002                   Dan Mitchell                           The Mississippi


            February 11, 2002                  Steve Jackson                        My Boys in Blue:  A Tribute


March 11, 2002                       Dick Skidmore                       John Hunt Morgan: Then and                                                                                                               Now


            April 8, 2002                           Peter Carmichael                   TBA


            May 13, 2002              Gary Ecelbarger                      Frederick W. Lander: The Great

                                                                                                                Natural American Soldier


June 10, 2002                         Herman Hattaway                  The Presidency of Jefferson