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April 8, 2002

Monday – 7:30 p.m. at the Indiana Historical Society

450 W. Ohio St.

(Parking in lot north of the Society off New York St. – Please enter via Northeast Door)

Lee’s Search for the Battle

Of Annihilation

Presented by Peter S. Carmichael

            Historians have long pondered why General Robert E. Lee remained so devoted to the offensive even when it was clear that such aggressive tactics drained the Army of Northern Virginia of precious manpower.  Many scholars have attributed Lee’s audacity to the Virginian’s naturally combative instincts.  But Peter Carmichael disagrees with that seemingly timeless argument, claiming that it does not adequately take into account the general’s rationale for attacking and how it changed over time.  According to Carmichael, many factors motivated Lee to assume the offensive at different stages of the war, but the overridding spur was the general’s desire for a decisive battle of annihilation.  Because Lee believed that the Confederacy could not prevail in a protracted conflict, he sought to deliver the final coup de grace to the Army of the Potomac, even after the devastating loss at Gettysburg.  Furthermore, Lee came to believe that the Southern people craved aggressive action from their generals, an assumption that, Carmichael says, may have been true in l862 but was no longer correct by l864.  When Peter brings this controversial appraisal of Lee’s generalship to our Round Table, you will not want to miss it.

          About the Speaker: A graduate of IUPUI, Peter S. Carmichael began his career as a Civil War scholar while a teenager in our Round Table.  After completing his history degree in Indianapolis, he studied under Gary W. Gallagher at Pennsylvania State University, receiving his Ph.D. in l996.  He has taught at Penn State, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Western Carolina University, and now is Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Peter’s scholarly contributions are impressive for a young historian.  The author of Lee’s Young Artillerist: William R.J. Pegram (l995), he has also published articles and other contributions in historical journals and some fourteen books, including The Myth of the Lost Cause and Civil War History, edited by Gary W. Gallagher and Alan T. Nolan.  He presently serves as the Book Review editor of Civil War History.

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The Round Table is still looking for volunteer authors to help research and write our 50th (l955-2005) anniversary history booklet plus an article for the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana newspapers. Nikki Schofield has agreed to assist in this effort. If you are interested, please contact Jim Bishop at 248-8100.

            Also looking for volunteers to assist Robert Dorn in greeting current members and recruiting new Round Table members.  If interested, see Dave Sutherland.

Hardtack Editor

            Please send book reviews, interesting articles, etc. to place in the Hardtack to me at the following:  Debby Chestnut, 441 S. Catherwood Ave., Indianapolis, 46219; E-Mail:  dchad@indy.net or chestnud@mail.ips.k12.in.us.  Phone:  356-5117 (home) or 226-4101 (work):Fax: 226-3444. Deadline for May Hardtack: April 26.


        .  We still plan to deliver the Hardtack via E-mail for as many members as possible.  Our goal is to reduce the costs as much as possible so that funds can be used for other purposes.  Please make your E-mail address available to Dorothy Jones (joejones@iquest.net) and Doug Wagner



By Tony Trimble

Identify the Civil War figures associated with each of the nicknames below:



1.      “Maryland”


   2.  “The Hero of Fort Sumter”  (2)


  3.  “The Flying Dutchman”


  4.  “The Pathfinder”


5.      “Russian Thunderbolt”




 Answers to March Quiz: 1) : Shot through both thighs; 2) John S. Mosby; 3) Braxton Bragg; 4) Emancipation of Slaves; 5) Mayor of Washington, D.C.


Colonel Arthur Freemantle

            In the middle of the Civil War, Colonel Arthur Fremantle traveled with Confederate forces for three months and later wrote a best-selling book about the experience. 

            Fremantle’s distant cousin, Tom Fremantle, 35, of Oxford, England, is now retracing his steps with a 2,500 mile walk that brought him the week of March 17 to Gettysburg, where Arthur Fremantle watched the pivotal battle and wrote glowingly about Robert E. Lee and his generals.

            Tom Fremantle began his trek across the southern United States on September 1 in Progresso, Mexico, just south of Brownsville, Texas, where the earlier Fremantle began his trip in April l863.  Fremantle planned to rest in Gettysburg for a few days before heading on to Lancaster and New York.



¨       ICWRT’s 2002 Tour:  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky and Indiana – June 24 to  June 28. Tour will include Battle of Richmond, Ky., talk on “Shakers of Pleasant Hill in the Civil War”. Perryville Battlefield, Battle of Mumfordville, Civil War Museum at Bardstown, Stephen Foster Musical in Bardstown, John Hunt Morgan’s Raid in southern Indiana and many other exciting events. Update:  New Cost: $264.00, payable in two installment, first payment of $100.00 due April 8 and second payment of $164.00 due May 13. You may send your payment to:  Nikki Schofield, 7929 Hunters Path, Indianapolis, IN  46214. If you have any question please contact Nikki at 328-8782 or e-mail at: nlschofield@aol.com.  There is still room for anyone interested in going.  Please let Nikki know.

¨       Annual Midwest Civil War Round Table Conference:  Hosted by the Chicago and Milwaukee CWRT’s- April 19-21 at Lisle, Illinois, 20 miles west of Chicago. For additional information check the Chicago Civil War Round Table or Milwaukee Civil War Round Table websites. Update: Cost of conference: $125.00, which includes reception on Friday night, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breaks, and the entire program on Friday and Saturday. There will be many good speakers including Dr. John Marszalek, author of Sherman’s Other War; Craig Symonds, author of Stonewall of the West, Patrick Cleburne; and Dr. James Robertson will be keynote speaker on Stonewall Jackson. Please contact Lance Herdegen, Institute for Civil War Studies at 262-524-7198 for a complete agenda and registration form.

¨       Book Discussion Series at Danville Public Library April 11 - Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. Presented by history teacher, Christ Cavanaugh; May 1Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara.  Presented by Civil War buff, bill Corbitt. The programs begin at 7:00 p.m.  There is no charge but registration is requested.  To register, visit the Adult Dept. of the library or call (317)745-2604.

¨       Gettysburg Trip – May 22, 2002 – Offered by Ambassadair to club members, however if there is a minimum of 10 persons, they will allow travel with a $25 per person limited member fee as long as one traveler is an Ambassadair member. Cost is $259 per person and includes non-stop air fair from Indianapolis, coach transfers, and itinerary. Arrive Harrisburg and transfer via motorcoach and arrive Gettysburg about 11:30 a.m. Cost includes:  Soup and Salad Buffet at historic Herr Tavern, visit and highlighted commentary of Cyclorama, guided 25 mile tour of Gettysburg Battlefield, A. Lincoln Speaks, a 45 minute first person interpreter, Lantern Walk-discussion on effects of battle on the local residents.  Depart Gettysburg at 7:30 p.m.  If interested contact Joyce Duvall at 317-240-7519 or e-mail at joyce.duvall@iflyata.com


Indiana Centennial Celebration

May 10-12

        The event is being co-sponsored by the Indiana War Memorial Commission along with the Monument Centennial committee.  Friday:   Living history all day for students followed by a welcome reception and soiree on the Canal, hosted in conjunction with the Indiana Historical Society Museum.  Saturday: Military parade to the monument and the recreation of the original May 15, l902 “Dedication to the Silent Victors” of the soldiers and sailors monument.  Saturday evening a Grand Military Ball will be held in the Indiana State House Rotunda.  Carriage rides available during event at a small charge.  All Union and GAR impressions are invited.  Time for scheduled events are still in the process of being set up.  For information, contact the Monument Centennial committee, 7636 West County  Road South, Connersville, IN 47331 or call the Indiana War Memorial at 233-8505.


Looking for Information

          Linda Balough is in the process of writing a book on Eddie Black, the youngest drummer boy in the Civil War, enlisting at the age of eight years and two months.  She is searching for any information anyone may have on Eddie.  Linda can be contacted through her e-mail address:


                     New Visitor Center at Gettysburg

            A proposed visitor center and museum for the Gettysburg National Military Park has been designed to resemble the elegant old farmsteads that surround the historic battlefield.  The center and museum would be housed in a cluster of stone and wooden structures that look like barns and other farm buildings.  Construction of the



139,000 square-foot, $95 million facility is expected to begin in early 2004.  The visitor center would open in 2006.

            The proposed museum would tell the story of the Battle of Gettysburg in the context of the Civil War and American history in general; feature artifacts that are in the present museum; accommodate 2,500 people per hour; provide shuttle buses to take visitors to and from the Eisenhower National Historic Site and downtown Gettysburg; include an outdoor amphitheater; and feature a museum shop and bookstore and 250 seat limited service cafeteria.

            About $5 million in federal money would be used for the project, but the bulk of the project would be paid for with private money.  The Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum Foundation will build the facility in partnership with the National Park Service and has raised $10 million so far.  After completion of the new visitor center, the old center would be demolished and that portion of the battlefield would be restored to its condition at the time of the battle.


Some Civil War Humor

            General Sherman hated newspaper men so much that he said if he killed them all there

            would be news from Hell before breakfast.




Campaign 2001-2002 Presenter’s & Speakers


MEETING DATES                  PRESENTER              SUBJECT

September 10, 2001               Nikki Schofield                       The Confederate Secret

                                                                                                                                        Service in Canada

            October 8, 2001                       Bill Anderson              The 19th Michigan


            November 12, 2001                 David Fraley                            The Battle of Franklin, TN


            December 10, 2001                Dale Phillips                           Ben Butler and the Occupation

                                                                                                                of New Orleans


            January 14, 2002                   Dan Mitchell                           The Mississippi


            February 11, 2002                  Steve Jackson                        My Boys in Blue:  A Tribute


March 11, 2002                       Dick Skidmore                       John Hunt Morgan: Then and                                                                                                               Now                            

 April 8, 2002                          Peter Carmichael                   Lee and the Search for the

                                                                                                                 Battle of Annihilation


            May 13, 2002              Gary Ecelbarger                      Frederick W. Lander: The Great

                                                                                                                Natural American Soldier


June 10, 2002**                      Richard Beringer                    Varina Howell Davis

                        **This is a change in our June speaker.  Herman Hattaway will be

                           speaking to the ICWTR in September.